i wake up alone, i sleep alone,
and i am the only one at my sink
when i go to brush my teeth;

i sing in the shower
and no one is ever annoyed,
but still i know that one day,
some beautiful human being will yell through the bathroom door
asking me to please stop,

and i will be okay with that
because the next day
that voice will find its way around my waist
to greet me a good morning

and what a good morning it is.

i watched the sun rise when i was thirteen and in love
and here is that same bastard sun,
coming out from under the earth
and reminding me
that there is still only one shadow
on my empty walls.

—10 June 2013

I definitely had some sort of mini anxiety attack when I was in a mall with family in Mexico which is scary since I haven’t had one in public for a really long time ugh

I can feel myself slowly spiraling down again and it’s the worst but I don’t know how to help myself ?????


Burberry s/s 2015
"I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me."
Marc Maron (via goofballery)

The workspace. Submitted by Blurred-Ghosts